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Rising stem ball valves

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Fast delivery
specialised solutions
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exemplary service
3D measuring

About BSM Valves

BSM Valves is one of the world's most important fast-track valve producers. At our production facilities in Breda, The Netherlands, we manufacture hard-to-obtain valves in a wide range of exotic materials. Our valves are made to order and to tight specifications. We specialise in working from custom-made designs, producing high-quality valves, quickly and efficiently.

Our dedicated and experienced team works hard to provide our customers specialty valves to suit even the most extreme conditions. We pride ourselves in our ability to offer tailor-made valves with short lead times.

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What our clients say about us

“The service at BSM Valves was excellent. They delivered the products after a week.”

“We were looking for a company that can deliver quality in a very short time. In BSM Valves we found that company”

“We heard a lot of good things about BSM valves and now we have experienced their service.”

“BSM Valves gives us the feeling that they will take care of our situation.”